Support group for natural families

Founded May 31, 2006


Jessica Groves and Laura Etter worked together to create NPCC for all area families seeking natural childbirth and natural parenting support.  Over time, that has extended into natural living support and sharing area resources in addition to creating a group of over 100 families coming together as friends and a network of support. 


In May 2006, Jessica realized there was a void of natural parenting and natural birth support in Carroll County but it was present in other area counties.  Instead of having to drive to other counties for support and playdates with other like-minded families, she decided it was time Carroll County had its own natural parenting support group.  She asked Laura to join her and design a logo that reflected our parenting beliefs.  In September 2007, Laura designed a beautiful logo for NPCC of a woman holding her baby similar to how many natural parenting members babywear their child surrounded by leaves of support.

Featured in the Carroll County Times