Support group for natural families

Founded May 31, 2006


(Cake made by
Mary Jo Custance
celebrating our
anniversary at the
2nd Annual NPCC
Summer Picnic) 
NPCC is a group of mothers and families in the Carroll County, Maryland and surrounding area that provides a play group for babies and
young children, as well as resources for natural childbirth and
natural parenting to support us in our parenting journey.

NPCC is open to all mothers and fathers practicing any part of
natural parenting and you do not have to practice all forms to be a member. Natural parenting includes, breastfeeding, tandem nursing, cosleeping, natural childbirth, organic food buying, making homemade baby foods,
cloth diapering, babywearing, use of herbs, the practice of holistic
medicine and the practice of attachment parenting.

New members are welcome!